Opinions are like assholes. Everybody’s got one.
And when it comes to American politics, every asshole’s got an opinion!


Each week in a different town, this funny yet topical 30 minute show will examine the screwball opinions, hilarious antics, and offbeat lives of several potential “candidates”, as they duke it out in a series of wacky competitions and outrageous debates to win an actual nomination to be the next “people’s candidate” in the 2016 presidential election.

Meet The Next American President. He or she is one of those folks who’s got an opinion about everything, and is not afraid to tell you. It  could be your next-door neighbor, that old guy in the coveralls at the diner who you always see holding court, or that hairdresser in the local salon with the horn-rimmed glasses and the slick beehive hairdo. Join us as we search the backwoods, small towns, and every nook and cranny of our country for The Next American President. We will visit the places where people gather to discuss, argue, and bitch about the state of our country. We are in search of those with something to say, an ax to grind, a point to make. It could be someone you know, it could be your next-door neighbor, it could be you!

In each episode, our host/narrator will follow several  potential candidates as they go about their daily lives, mount presidential “campaigns”, and compete against one-another in a series of hilarious debates, discussions, and challenges that will test their mettle and separate the presidential wheat from the chaff. At the end of every episode, each candidate will participate in a no-holds barred presidential “debate” at a town hall meeting. The townspeople will vote in a “primary” election and a winner will be declared. Along for the ride, our host (think comedian/political pundits Jon Stewart, Lewis Black) will be adding his insightful, hilarious, biting commentary along the way. Like Anthony Bourdain’s’ observations, but edgier.

At the end of the season we will gather the “primary” winners in Branson, Missouri for the final showdown. In this episode, America will see a hilarious “warts and all” video portrait of each candidate followed by a heated and oft-times funny debate- remember the Republican debates of 2012? A panel, consisting of our host and two guest pundits, will provide a hilarious running commentary during the proceedings. America will then vote to decide  which of our “primary” winners will become America’s candidate in the next general election for president of the good ol’ US of A! This penultimate episode plays like Duck Dynasty meets American Idol.

For the final episode, our host will travel to the winner’s hometown and surprise them with the epic news (just like Publisher’s Clearing House!) and award them their own “campaign fund” (cash prize, TBD) and a copy of their Statement of Candidacy, ready to be filed with the Federal Government.  After a rousing acceptance speech by “America’s Candidate”, the town will celebrate the victory with a parade and a huge celebration at the local grange hall or otherwise appropriate setting. Our host will join the party and gather final thoughts, reactions, and opinions about our nominee for The Next American President- A candidate who is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people.  His time is Now!

  • Thirty-minute, fast paced reality show. Host (TBD) will be a known comedian/political pundit. Think Lewis Black/Jon Stewart.
  • Each episode is shot in one town or geographical area.
  • 2 to 5  “candidates” will be featured in each episode. Potential “candidates” will upload a video to our Youtube channel.
  • Candidates will be featured throughout the show via funny, sometimes outrageous segments (debates, competitions, slice-of-life etc., see below) that will give the viewer insights into the candidates’ character, views, etc.
  • A “primary” winner will be declared at the end of each episode.
  • An event will be staged at a theater in Branson, MO at the end of the season.  We will review video of the primary candidates from previous episodes, followed by a final debate between the candidates and play-by play from our host and two guest hosts.  America will vote for a winner.
  • On the season finale (after the votes have been tabulated), we will go back to the winner’s  hometown, award them their prize, tape an acceptance speech and stage a celebration, parade, etc.


  • Interviews with a cross-section of townspeople, including friends and family, “recommending” candidates.
  • Our host reviews the most outrageous video submissions from potential candidates.
  • Short bios of each candidate featuring them at work, at home, their political views, etc.
  • Candidates argue/discuss issues important to them (at a barbershop for example).
  • Interviews with candidates on how they will campaign.  B-roll of them actually campaigning.
  • A series of competitions (see below for more detail).
  • A one-on-one with our host and each candidate in order to review their platforms before the big town hall meeting. Kind of like putting a cobra and a mongoose in a bag…
  • The town hall meeting. Biting commentary will be provided by our host. Candidates will debate on many hot topics that concern our candidates, from global warming, to fracking, to best goat castration techniques. The people will cast their votes, a winner will be declared and mayhem will ensue.


Recent campaigns have proven that Americans have come to believe a well-rounded candidate “of the people” would be a better choice for president than many career politicians. Just as Sarah Palin has shown us her ability to succeed in varied activities such as running the state of Alaska and mercilessly hunting bears and feral hogs, The Next American President must excel at multiple disciplines. In order to pass muster, our candidate must be able to beat the competition with his or her knowledge of politics (the bar is set low here) as well as (for example) catching the most walleye in an ice-fishing competition in Minnesota.  These challenges will give the viewer a well-rounded picture of each candidate, as well as an incredible insight into the zeitgeist of America. Examples of potential competitions:

  • Ice-fishing, log-splitting, gun shooting (right to bear arms competition), arm-wrestling, corn-shucking.
  • A cooking competition (for example a chili cook off).
  • A talent competition
  • A debate about the best U.S. president.*
  • A “Jeopardy” type competition about politics, their state, the country, etc.*

              *Questions will be geared to evoke the most outrageous/funny responses from the candidates.


Americans are chomping at the bit to see and hear from a candidate they can relate to. It will be the mission of “The Next American President” to introduce America to that candidate now! Every day as the 2016 election nears, Americans will be bombarded by more and more news stories, ads, and hype pertaining to the upcoming election. Riding that wave, The Next American President will take advantage of the circus atmosphere and extensive media attention that is going to surround the upcoming election. Media outlets will be clamoring for election related content- The Next American President will be there to fill that void. The Next American President will generate more free publicity than Kim Kardashians’ sex tape!

The United States has never seen a time where viewpoints are so polarized. One thing we can agree on however, is that Americans’  opinions of their politicians is at an all-time low. By providing a soapbox for the huddled masses (a few of ‘em anyway!), The Next American President may just pave the way for our great country to get back to a government of the people, by the people and for the people…oh yeah, and create a new reality star and presidential candidate with at least as much cred (and better hair) than Donald Trump. God bless America!