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Flag copyOpinions are like assholes. Everybody’s got one. And when it comes to American politics, every asshole’s got an opinion! Meet the Next American President. He’s one of those guys who’s got an opinion about everything and is not afraid to tell you. He could be your next door neighbor, or that old guy in the coveralls at the diner who you always see holding court. Join us as we search┬áthe backwoods, town hall meetings, the diners and street corners in America for the Next American President. We will visit the places where people gather to discuss, argue, and bitch about the state of America. We are in search of those with something to say, an axe to grind, or a point to make. We will challange them to see if they’ve got what it takes to be the next American President. Our candidates will compete in a series of discussions, debates, arguments, log splitting competitions, etc to discover the one true American (via audience vote) that we will then nominate for the first primary election. It could be someone you know. It could be you. Upload a video to youtube telling us what you think is wrong with America, and how you would fix it, and send us the link. God Bless America!

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